Digital Best Mom Ever eGift Card

Give the gift of gardening! Send a digital eGift Card by email and let your friend or loved one decide on the perfect plant for their indoor or outdoor space.

Pike Nursery gift cards never expire. You can feel confident you're giving a gift with value. Redeemable in-store.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Carrie E Taylor
Tech difficulty

The recipient didn't receive the gift card in her email. After notifying her that a gift card was emailed to her, she had to follow up with a local store to get technical assistance to follow up as to the status of the gift card.

Cyndi Mahne
Easy purchase

My daughter lives by your sure in GA, and she loves your shop. You make it easy to send her gift cards.

Temitayo Fayemi
Great Customer Service fueling my mom's addiction

I'll be honest, when I purchased this, it was basically last minute for Mother's Day. Now, my mom is one of *those* plant moms and always asking for side quests to a Pike nursery so I knew she'd be excited regardless. However, Mother's Day comes and almost goes and not a word is mentioned to me about her gift card. I asked her and she said, I didn't receive any email with a gift.

I went back to look at the order and realized that I had filled out the form incorrectly and hadn't put a valid email. I contacted Pike and it was immediately fixed. My mom was sent the gift card and I also received a message from someone on their web team noting that I'd found a flaw in their form and they'd be fixing it ASAP. I'm super impressed by the customer service and how quickly everything was rectified.

Now, the next thing is to join my mom in yet another visit to Pike to find her next perfect plant.

Jane Ausel
Mother’s Day gift

This was the perfect way to send a deserving mother a gift that she loved!