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Maize® Weed Preventer Ready-To-Spray - 32 oz

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Product Overview

Formulated to eliminate unwanted and harmful weeds out of your garden, flower beds, or lawn before they sprout. It will help keep your ground clear of annoying weeds that are taking over your yard. The ready to spray maize provides quick results and hassle-free use. Available in a quart size.

  • PREVENT - A way to prevent weeds from growing, this product is made from corn gluten meal.
  • PRE-EMERGENT WEED CONTROL - This formula is designed for preemergent weed control. It works by releasing dipeptides into the soil, causing the roots of the weeds to fail to grow properly and die out.
  • VARIETY OF WEEDS - This weed killer works on grassy, broadleaf, annual, and perennial weeds. It is not designed for use on existing weeds, but it prevents new weeds from sprouting and helps to suppress them from growing in the future.
  • READY TO SPRAY - The convenient spray bottle allows you to use this product as soon as it arrives. Following the directions on the label, simply spray the product as directed.
  • PEOPLE AND PET SAFE - When used as directed. This prevention spray is safe for use around people and pets, and it will not harm any desirable plants when it is used exactly as directed on the label.


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